A summer Christmas, cookies and a French family

Morning all on this hot summer’s day in Auckland. I continued with another Christmas project on Christmas eve making cookies for friends and then put them in nice jars. As usual my side kick did a lot of the work and I took the photos…

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After the big day I have been kicking back and doing fun stuff. Yesterday I found the idyllic beginner’ golf course at Maxwell’s. They do a fine snapper and salad lunch too.


It was boiling hot but they had lots of shade trees and it was more like walking in a large garden. My son came along and hasn’t played golf since he was about 12 and annoyingly played very well 🙂

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Kaye Maxwell is the owner and coach so if any of you out there want to do a group lesson with me let me know. After the lesson you get a free round of golf i think.

I’ve tried to do a bit of walking to wear off the chocolate and pudding and went with  friend to a lovely waterfall in the middle of the city. It’s called Oakley Creek but I was sad to read it is too polluted to swim in. it is a lovely shady walk though.



If you are looking for a perfect post- Christmas movie look no further than The Belier Family.

It is a tried and true formula but beautifully done and just a charming way to spend a few hours.  If you want to escape the sun then this is a goodie.

If reading is your thing I was given the book below and am about halfway though. It is the sort of book you can just dip in and out of but I methodically started at the beginning with the forward by John Campbell.



They are short non-fiction essays and not the sort of thing I would normally go for as I am a fictional kind of gal but i have been really enjoying them. The most recent one I read was a simple story of a woman who had put a family ring into the jewellers just before the earthquake in Christchurch and thought it was gone forever and of how she eventually retrieved it.

I think I have covered everything one should be doing right now 🙂 -baking, eating, reading, walking and movie-going. Take care out there, I am compelled to read the news and then bitterly regret it as I ruminate over the drownings, accidents and the way Christmas will be ruined forever for some.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my Christmas in France 2 years ago when all was cold and dark but still lots of fun. Everyone in a little village near St Emillion has a nativity scene lit up in their windows. They are all different and it was lovely to wander along the cobbled streets and look at them.

IMG_4439 IMG_4440 IMG_4452

Oh and my usual note to self …..


Looking forward to the changes 2016 will bring for us all. FG

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