Remembrance cake and other baking experiments

Earlier this week my lovely neighbours’ dad died. I was wondering what I could do and a friend suggested Nigella Lawson’s remembrance cake. It is a simple but fragrant cake made with lemon, apples and rosemary of course, for remembrance.


Nigella made it as a loaf but I used a ring tin as I think it is prettier.

Yesterday and today I continued with my Christmas pudding. The orange got its washing and soaking treatment then boiled in sugar and Cointreau and marinated etc. and today I made the fruit mix part and did the steaming for 7 hours.

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I accidentally put in 3 tablespoons of Cointreau in the mix instead of 3 teaspoons (no, I really did!) and then it was fun pouring on the brandy when I took it out of the steamer. I hope it passes the new alcohol/driving limit. Now it gets wrapped in muslin and put in the fridge until Christmas day where it again gets steamed for three hours.

I am making progress with my Secret Santa gift as it has been terrible weather with thunderstorms, torrential rain and so on.


I hope you are having fun in the lead up to Christmas and it isn’t too stressful. My tuppence worth- don’t over spend, the paper will be ripped off and the presents mostly forgotten in a few days. FG

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