Bev and I took Brett’s ashes home by driving from Christchurch to Moeraki. The weather was bad and with howling wind and rain we passed the Moeraki turn off. However as we approached Shag Point, the weather turned and it was calm and still, perfect for saying goodbye at a beautiful deserted beach.

010479272c7e592a9bf3eec55a769b2724b54df77a 01822994d603e4bfa01234331500c9b858ab05733f 0111749e271ae64812cf079da00f4ff8acbf428e4d 01334a38e915068e24001e333bdc1792b2a7a0f737 - Copy 01203e3d00ea044fdcafcd7919c4a623ea752433bd 0197b3a42b13a783f6e40a773f510d316719d46747 - Copy 019ee553fb01caf070fd4803a3c3d90430d8352a60 - Copy 016c78060aad2e9a3fa1d4a093639849e2e99f161d - Copy 01e4050a8d52fb1c02e67d4911f426357d5bafc333 - Copy 01c82854eff1799208d42b5c349ec9008e0388aead - Copy 01e02fa09caac970eec6c90715ddb25cf0a3592b1e - CopyThis is a poem we read at our marriage:

I am yours, you are mine,

you are lodged in my heart.

The small key is lost,

You must stay there forever. 

(Anon, Bavarian)



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