Away and home again

I have been working up in Northland for the last three days and on day one struck that wild and windy weather. After that though it was beautiful. I spent the first night in Kerikeri so had the opportunity to buy lots of cheap grapefruit and oranges.

01217f7e3b6d781b17e41966221f8b041be6ffe4e6_00001 View from the Kerikeri Motel

Day two and three were in Whangarei. I took the chance to eat at the top restaurant there called  a Deco and the pictures below reflect the lovely evening we had there.

The art deco ceiling
The port holes into the kitchen so we could watch the chefs preparing the food.
The window on the stairwell.
The coffee trolley.
The delicious citrus dessert.
The original deco door.
And the deco dame…
I knitted one singlet with this acrylic wool but couldn’t bear the feel of it so I am knitting a rug with all of the colours together.
Back home I concocted this caramelised onions and walnut, beetroot and feta tart thingy for the hard working painter’s lunch.

Visitors aplenty to day so will sign off and hope you too are enjoying glorious sunshine. FG

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