Just a quick knit up date and the promise of a pencil

Work again tomorrow but hopefully will finish by Wednesday this week. Yay!

My baby outfit found a home today with baby Ezra. They especially liked the wide neck, so I think it is a good pattern. Thanks Wild and Woolly Yarns.



Next I made what I am calling the Waipu Wraparound, for my friend Patsy who has a lovely wee spot up there.

The Waipu Wraparound.

Deb wanted her cowl longer so longer it is….will probably finish it tomorrow.


Work is interfering with my life, I’m only half way through The Hare With Amber Eyes and have a pile of library books waiting as well as three Kindle books waiting, including the latest Jack Reacher, Personal 🙂

Tom Cruise has too much money and no sense if he thinks he can play Reacher.

No he isn’t!!!!


I watched this youtube clip tonight and bought the book on kindle. If nothing else the proceeds go to helping children.


and also




3 Replies to “Just a quick knit up date and the promise of a pencil”

  1. Love the knitting! Saw the baby outfit for real – very cute and beautifully knitted.
    Also … Apparently Tom Cruise very good as Reacher ( National Radio)-


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