Kale-divine? Really!

I was given a 60 dollar Westfield voucher when I finished on a committee and it had been burning a bit of a hole in my pocket so I went shopping. In the old days I pretty much bought whatever I wanted right there and then but these days I take longer to make a purchase.

I wasn’t sure that Volume 2 of Libby Weaver’s recipes would be a good buy so I mulled over the purchase as 50 dollars for a recipe book is pretty steep, especially when you can get most on line for free. When I saw one of the recipes was how to boil beetroot, I really had my doubts.

However, I have really used her other book so I took the plunge with my voucher. It is cheaper on electronic download but I like to have the book.


I have made two divine things so far.


Firstly chicken chermoula. This was great for us as an evening meal and then delicious leftovers for lunch and I would definitely make this again. But to my absolute surprise the kale pesto is divine. We both worked today so I just threw in a roast chicken as the OH is out until a bit later.

Then I saw that I had some kale in the fridge so I made the Kale Pesto as well. It would be gorgeous as a dip on veges, chicken, pasta etc and is yummo. Much more so than it sounds as kale always sounds a bit earnest and healthy… 🙂 kind of hippy sandals, incense and BO kind of food. But it is totally moreish.

Better not give you the recipe from the new book but suffice to say if you have a processor and kale, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, spring onions, salt and pepper and cashews you are pretty much there.

Kale Pesto-so much better than it sounds!!
Chicken Chermoula


As I had a little left over from my voucher I can self righteously say that I have started my Christmas shopping -smugishness smugly smug.

119 days until Christmas

My friend Deb and I intend to bake up a storm prior to Christmas but more festive frivolity when it is a bit closer to the big day.

Last night, rather reluctantly I went to see Dark Horse. The rave reviews are richly deserved but it can be grim watching at time. It is all based on a  true story which makes it even more gritty and at times unbearable. Go and see it is my recommendation but go for a debrief afterwards.

I am doing quite a lot of the “W” word at the moment but I’m finding that the money I’m earning is really easy to save as it is “extra” to the small allowance I have these days. How quickly the rushing around thing takes over though. Today was one of the very few times that I haven’t done my morning yoga as I was tired and couldn’t make myself get up earlier. Yoga TV on the Living Channel is only about 22 minutes but it is a great way to start the day if you have that channel.



What I’m currently reading: The Hare With Amber Eyes- a biography.

Work again tomorrow so have a great weekend. FG

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