A Blissful Day in August

It is nearly 4:30 and  I don’t know where the day has gone. Yoga, dishcloth, garden bed, planting, cooking, shopping…

After yoga I like to do a spot of knitting. Am I becoming obsessed????
Dinner: bean, celery salad stuffed into an avocado with salmon and some tuna on the side with the left over apple salad. Possibly a bit too fishy but yummy just the same.
Overgrown garden bed needing some attention.
All weeded and re-composted.
Lettuces, celery, micro-greens, baby spinach all in bed
A plug for Patch from Scratch who came in one  day while we were at work and three lovely garden beds filled with organic goody soil miraculously appeared.


I couldn’t resist a few non-edible items on the joint account….

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I also refilled all the fruit bowls and came home with a banana box. Every one is happy.


And a word of wisdom via my friend Patsy.



Happy Friday! FG

2 Replies to “A Blissful Day in August”

  1. Hi, there! I found you on Open Course tonight after you commented on my prose poem, “Insurance Scram.” It looks like you and I are doing somewhat the same thing! I started working part-time a couple years ago to focus more on writing and the pleasures of life.



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