The happiness of being at home

  • yoga tick
  • iron 17 shirts and numerous napkins and pillow cases tick
  • wash duvet cat spewed on tick
  • mop laundry floor tick
  • mop laundry floor again after washing machine flooded tick
  • knit dishcloth from scraps, it is a butterfly..tick


  • sink into minor lack of confidence gloom 30 minutes tick
  • prep a few new tiles tick
  • 01010bd98dfa5818bf188b060bcc217db897fa889f 0181e5ab9d8410aa7470804140f8117eca4cbc29ba 019e87f145bbeeced3dbc6028baf691f76c432e913 01fbd44950eac7e5c825236f5e099bce6fe6416290 014e9de38b68fc99d065c6fb98a22f2a6216bbbb29
  • have coffee with partner tick
  • go for lovely 40 minute walk along Takapuna beach,enjoy the beauty of small things tick01d0da17ef52891ead4308ba06987a60d0a89ed174

Ask big questions in life like, “How do seagulls stay so white? tick

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And how do shells get those beautiful stripes and colours?01de677a1addf28b8a770a60efd0581250428f76d0      0131f39c1bea49bd643e734bd946bce3f90132c9f7  01883aec1a85842c3bd8aab725832c5fa4d3d1d016 011382ee543a2b03c6afd86e0f1c6a7b27535a820a 0186724e6695b2d3ea5df38c046c7bf1a052678186 0192472d503230e4ef0dfd68dc2a193c88b96fd1bc 01137670f813214ba5aa4ca6eea8bd2a6c2afeabcd

And why is National likely to get in when it is so unfair on the average and poor New Zealander? I am guessing this house is worth around 6 million. Possibly working for themselves as opposed to NZ.


Make yummy salsa and homemade Heggie pie , diverging from recipe by adding spinach and mushrooms and different cheeses etc…  Tick



Think about poems using lines I’ve heard recently like:

“Every girls’ dream; an organised closet”

and “Your number 1 enemy-clutter”

Working a little tomorrow. I need to learn how to upload photos nicely. Any teachers please? Hope you have a good day. FG


2 Replies to “The happiness of being at home”

  1. Those signs aren’t working for me. They are everywhere on the Coast where the Nats are already a shoo in. Makes me grumpy first thing every day seeing his smarmy face.
    Get annoyed by Don Key – tick
    Gaze at the beautiful crescent moon while walking mutt and almost trip over – tick
    Read Fluffy George and giggle – tick


  2. yrg I hate technology sometimes (well that’s not really true. I like your post – glad you had a good day – tho the cleaning ticks surprised me – come down to Wellington – my house is in need and there’s a couple of weeks left to the FF – and we can work on Mod 10 together I haven’t watched the assignment yet.


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