Morning everyone, I have spent the morning putting my tiles under the new tile tab on the home page. I decided when I gave up work to make all my gifts for people. Tiles were on the agenda. However, the glue, the tiles, the images…don’t really make for an inexpensive gift so I am trying to cover the costs of the materials by selling some. There are no two exactly alike so at least they are individual. Labour costs will never be covered by knitting or making things but there is a real joy in doing it and I think it is a special gift when it is made by hand.  My next project is to have a go at making soap.  Sorry friends, soap and a dishcloth could be the Christmas gift of choice….

I am having to do the dreaded W word this week and next but it will pay for all the films I want to see in the Auckland film festival. Yahoo, I love this life, there is always something cool to do. I am a bit concerned about turning into a weird old lady as I find myself slothing about in my yoga pants. I am reluctant to go out as I have so much to do here. This afternoon is cooking for a friend coming for dinner, finishing the last scraps of wool on a last dishcloth, and doing the fourth lecture in the Iowa University MOOC.

One of my recent tiles made from a calendar I brought back from France.
Crazy ladies 1
Crazy lady 2. ( but very happy crazy old lady)



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