The Documentary Film Festival- Kids for Cash

The above is currently running here in Auckland at the Q theatre. I had the privilege of seeing Kids for Cash last night. It is the story of two corrupt American judges who ran a kick back scheme to make money by routinely imprisoning  young teenagers for long periods of time  for very minor offences.

The film is utterly compelling and includes not only the testimony of the young teens and their parents but also intimate portraits of the judges themselves.

I had no idea that the US has not signed the Declaration for the Rights of the Child ( along with the Sudan and Somalia). They incarcerate 5 times more children than any other country and children are not allowed parole in  severe cases like murder. It costs just over $10,000 to keep a child at school and $88,000 to keep them in prison.

The director, Robert May was at the screening and we were able to ask questions. It is on again on Sunday at 6.30pm. If you are able to see it, I highly recommend it.

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