The small joys of being at home-end of week one

There are two small things that are bringing me much pleasure by being at home. The first is not having to find something suitable to wear. How lovely to wear socks and comfortable shoes, merino tops and no make up. I have never become accustomed to wearing the dreaded nylon tights that tear on first wear, that sag at the crotch and silly shoes that defy comfort.

Secondly, preparing breakfast at a leisurely pace followed by a second cup of tea. Fatuous I guess, but I have a real kernel of pleasure in these small things.


I am developing a bit of a rhythm to my day by starting with yoga, doing some domestic chores while mulling over my list of things I want to do and then sitting at the computer for a while, I have read about the concept of “flow” and had a sense of that yesterday when I looked at the clock and it was 4 o’clock and I had no idea where several hours had gone,

I am looking forward to spending some time with my partner tomorrow where previously I needed to spend a lot of the day doing domestic chores or shopping and so on. I resented his enthusiasm for biking or walking as I felt I had so little time to myself after a full-on week at work.

So far I have more or less stayed within budget but I can see how a coffee here and there can add up very quickly.

Anyway, have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you do. Sue



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