Universal Studios

<![CDATA[Universal Studios
I was in the classroom when the two planes
ploughed into the sides of the skyscrapers
fucking up the skyline.
One boy, agitated and excited, wanted a slow motion
replay because it was cool. The rag dolls plummeting
was an awesome special effect.
He was instantly rewarded again and
again. Pause and rewind were possible,
“Cut take two” proved infinitely more difficult.
King Kong did not miraculously appear, towering above
the buildings, gentle primate palm cupped to rescue
the beautiful secretary. Superman, arms outstretched
elsewhere, that particular morning and Wonder Woman,
caught unawares, was having her nails done.
Sorry that’s all folks, this was a low budget pilot
for a series that everyone will be cast in.
Heroes and extras alike will be there for
the epic and universal studios will
foot the bill.
Sue Heggie]]>

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