An experiment

It is five years almost to the day that I began a blog. I began enthusiastically, writing most days as I was not working at all at that time. I have no regrets at all about giving up work, full time initially and then back two days a week when I realised that I needed a bit more money. I continue to write haphazardly and reading poetry and I intend to record a time in my life when I took my 11 year old son to live in the Pyrenees for six months. I hope you will come along on that journey with me. DSC00651      ]]>

2 Replies to “An experiment”

  1. Hi

    I can’t tell if you are still in France (maybe stuck due to Covid)… or if you just ran out of oomph for writing!?

    What happened next!?

    The suspense….

    Reuben, Christchurch


    1. Hi Reuben, still in NZ sadly. That trip was many moons ago although I have been back several times since. I guess I did run out of motivation. Sue


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