Fluffygeorge Postal Poems

<![CDATA[Fluffygeorge Postal Poems (FPP)launched on ANZAC Day with my friends receiving the first FG postal poem free of charge. It was the poem Anzac Day in Greytown which was first published in Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2, 2015 edited by Jack Ross.
The idea is that you or a friend receive a poem in the post. It will be on quality paper in a lovely envelope so it hopefully feels like a little literary present. You could re-gift them, put them on the fridge, frame them or make a calendar. I am quite excited about the May issue. It is actually two poems and the images are quite lovely I think. Suffice to say, one poem is on the back of a photo by renowned photographer John Doogan. Check out his work here.
Thanks to those of you who have subscribed. I truly appreciate your support as this fledgling idea emerges. I hope the recipients of those who have gifted theirs get a lovely surprise in their mail. There are several options if you would like to subscribe but haven’t so far:
$80  for 8 poems each month until December.
$45 for 4 poems delivered May July September November
or if you have just discovered FG Postal Poems then you can subscribed for 11.50  per month
They won’t just be my poems, I already have permission from Fiona Farrell for the poem the June issue . It is a poem of hers that I have always loved.
Just email me with your details at heggies@xtra.co.nz and I will send you details.
Happy month of May. FG]]>