Puzzled and Puzzling


Things I’ve picked up from doing puzzles:

 The tradition of doing the edge pieces first still holds good. You need a framework.

When you least expect it a piece fits into a space that you never thought it would.

Close observation is required to note the tiny wee bit of black or the marginally different shade of pink.

It’s really satisfying when you have done a block of interlocking pieces in isolation and you realise it all joins up with a whole section of puzzle.

You know when it’s the right piece as it just clicks into place and feels right.

The satisfaction is in the doing, not in the completed puzzle.

The fear of a piece missing is ongoing until the final few bits.

You know its pointless but its satisfying anyway.

There’s no point in keeping the finished product and it’s fun to mess it up and put it away. again.

Two resources I think are quite useful in the lock down.

Firstly from the elephant journal- stop romanticising the lockdown- it’s a mental health crisis in the making and secondly, as always my favourite philosopher, Alain de Botton on how to get through this crisis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeEXki3IVAc

Apart from puzzling I am doing a range of lightweight activities like listening on Borrow Box (a library audio link to Auckland libraries). I’m listening to marginally better written books than Mills and Boon. Not that I’m knocking Mills and Boon. I genuinely admire people who write these. I’m only interested right now in happy endings.

I’ve knitted for my nephew’s son, and soon I will start a beanie for a friend’s grand daughter.

I know it looks a bit like a hot water bottle cover but I like to think of it as a tabard. Definition: noun

“a sleeveless jerkin consisting only of front and back pieces with a hole for the head”

I’m watching Girlfriends, by recommendation and it has two of my favourite actors, Miranda Richardson (Queenie from Blackadder), not least because when I was teaching I would borrow her words, “Either you shut up or I chop your head off.” Secondly, Zoe Wanamaker whom I have always loved in anything she was in.

Zoe Wanamaker

I like this show because the women look like us, they have wrinkles, they do messy crying, shit happens and they keep the world spinning for a whole raft of family and friends on a glass of gin. And there are, so far only men being murdered and no rapes as yet.

I didn’t realise quite how many episodes there are though….I think there are 22 in Season 1 alone.

So in this lockdown, I make no apologies for staying awake until 3 am, getting up at 11:30 and eating quite a lot and wearing the same clothes quite often. Fuck the routine, the keeping the same hours. Why? What for? Nothing is the same, why pretend? I know I’m lucky in my circumstances but I’m not Pollyanna either, my hair is way too short, albeit getting longer by the day. Who knows what the future holds. Stay in bed if you want and eat chocolate. I spend quite a lot of time looking at property in France, cottages by the sea, country retreats and knitting wool sites. There’s my two cents worth, do what you like.

Who could resist? https://www.french-property.com/sale-property/1624-63

Hope your lockdown is okay. FG

4 Replies to “Puzzled and Puzzling”

  1. I cut my own hair yesterday!!!!!!!!!! Thank God I’m in isolation!! Zoe has growled at me, but Wayne has said that it looks ok. I think there could be a mullet forming in the middle at the back, as I can’t reach that bit and Wayne won’t cut. I pray that we are not in lock down for another haircut!!!!
    Thank you. I enjoy reading your blog. And yes, as per haircut, nothing Is normal.
    We are having to ration our chocolate!! Don’t want to go to supermarket until w absolutely have to. Next time, buy more wine and chocolate !!


  2. Good work, FG. Pooh never knew a fellow bear could be so clever. The tabard looks great, And thanks for the TV tips. Yes, very much share your Zoe Wanamaker view.


  3. Nice blog Sue – obviously enjoying lockdown with the company and puzzles (which are gorgeous by the way) I guess you could start a Hobsonville Point beautiful puzzle exchange or just order more on line. I cut my own fringe yesterday – my sister gave me detailed instructions – lean forward twist the fringe clockwise and cut into it with a sharp scissors – vertical snips. Then twist counter-clockwise and repeat. Actually liked the results. I’ve been walking, because Betty insists, twice a day and hope you are getting out a little bit too. The idiots and their off-lead dogs are everywhere so I now carry a walking stick which seems to work.. I’m reading Anthony Horowitz and listening to chick-lit – fun tho I fall asleep and lose my place. As for a cottage in France – dream on darling – it’s good for you.


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