I can’t write…but there is always a poppy, some basil, and a tomato plant.

I’ve been away helping my sister with the Manderley Fair again but I have also struggled to put pen to paper these last months. I’m supposed to be doing the Iowa Fiction Writing MOOC but have already missed the next two assignments.

Today I have been sitting in the sun, at first listening to the radio but the idea that that racist, violent, sexist, misogynist buffoon could even be where he is beggars belief and cast me in to despair at the state of the world.

Then  I read this in passing on Facebook. I am very happy with my lot but the point he is making is that Tibet, for example can’t get any worse, so anything you do will make it better.


Then when the radio was off, I picked up a poetry book to put away and found myself sitting in the sun and reading it again. It is called Love in a Bookstore or your Money Back.


I think Sarah Quigley’s The Conductor is one of my favourite books and I put her in the genius category.

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

Any way I came across a poem called, The Writer and although I will never reach her dizzying heights I felt a little better after reading it.




So I will wait and think and hopefully get my assignments done.

I have today before working the next two days, and the feeling of being at home is fantastic. Can I survive financially without working at all??

Things I’m appreciating today.

  1. My sister’s handiwork and the  Christmas angel she gave me. (you can buy them at Bee Stitching. )
She is called a quirky angel.
These are the Miss Prims.


2.  John Doogan’s beautiful photography. http://www.johndoogan.co.nz/index. I used the image below for one of my Fluffy George postings this month.


3.A poppy, some basil and a tomato plant.


4. Also I told a friend who was thinking about having a baby to Facebook post me “You can start knitting now” if she became pregnant. I’m happy to say I received that message last week, so I’ve started. It’s an oldy but a goody and done in alpaca.


5. I have also just finished the book club book. I found it a really enjoyable read.


I was thinking of chucking in FG for a while as I felt I didn’t have anything to say but am ploughing on, if rather fitfully. Let me know if you actually read it….not that it matters really. FG


8 Replies to “I can’t write…but there is always a poppy, some basil, and a tomato plant.”

  1. Hi Sue, I read your posts and very much enjoy them. You never know when the simple sharing of something from your life will resonate with, cheer or inspire someone else. Keep writing, I say.


  2. Hi Sue – great post and you’ve been busy and creative but sad to say you’ve missed the last THREE (not two) MOOC assignments – Never mind there’s one (and it’s the last) you will defin’tely ace coming up on Friday.

    Gorgeous baby hat.


  3. Read and appreciated as always. Expect to hear from you once this election tragedy is over and we celebrate your lotto win. ✈️⛵️


  4. Sue I love your posts. You always leave me with something to ponder and a book to add to my ‘to read list’ . Don’t stop.


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