Getting good help…

The other day while talking on the phone and carrying a bag downstairs my slippery slippers slipped me down the stairs.

Shiny bottoms.

The results is a painful shoulder and a broken bone in my hand.

Pink was my colour of choice of course and nails to match.
01d792f1392c016b2769bbb79a7e8640ba4e5627cb - Copy
Wrinkly old hand but pretty pink colour-coordinated nails.

Being left-handed hasn’t helped and I have had a few challenges. I’ve resorted to doing up my bra the way my mother used to. That is, do the hooks up round the front and then swing it round into place. Awkward… I’ve also had to prevail upon my wing woman possibly more often than she likes.

01d587393f65587a709aa954b4c0ebe398485cd8cd - Copy
Deb making all my Fluffy George Postal Poems envelopes and origami.Grouchy face on.


Oddly she is happier doing the ironing.

My neighbour saw my plight and offered to help with the book club supper. Usually we have a few biscuits and some chocolate with wine….. I felt like having a proper party instead. Fresh asparagus rolls, yum!

Book club supper extraordinaire. There were two layers of rolls but before people arrived it had mysteriously diminished to one.

It is good to me reminded to appreciate good health. Even pegging out the washing is tricky.

Wing woman at work again. She isn’t happy with the wine for work pay rate.

The moral of the story is hold the hand rail, don’t try to do other things while going down stairs  and buy slippers with some tread on them!

01a708812cee342b03c924c722850ef4388eb7a06a - Copy     019800df58e3e329d9e1abd6abebdded60630b4e58

Have a good week, FG

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