Well I am finally in my new home at Hobsonville Point. It has been a whirlwind February with work and the big family wedding and get- together and now it is late Saturday evening and I am alone. It’s a strange feeling as the house is really a recreation of all the places I’ve lived. I found opening up the storage and getting out my paintings the best thing. They felt like old friends and as usual there is nothing minimal about my house. Already it is full of stuff.

Sorry about the toilet seat, this was really about the bath which I have yet to use but I’m looking forward to it.
Guest room ready for family this week.
The kitchen minus the new fridge which is yet to arrive despite the promises.
The dining table area, The light is the same as one I had at Sunnynook but is closer to the ceiling so is more spidery and less dandelionish which is a bit disappointing.
Other guest room. I am rattling around in the place really.
Knitting corner ready for the autumnal months ahead.
The snug- which is the least prepared room in the house as yet. I am going to paint it a murky colour as this is my cosy south-facing winter reading room.
Well alright it is a bit over the top but my own room is dramatic and warm and rapidly becoming a sanctuary. and
See what I mean about stuff?
I could pretend this painting project was mine but actually my wing woman did most of it with meticulous attention to detail. Thanks Deb.

I am also enjoying super fast broadband yay.

The family wedding was a lot of fun and we took a few family replicas of our baby photo.

The before…
The after… we could just about do the fifty shades of grey.
Proud mother as Sam plays the guitar for guests and then for the bride as she came up the outdoor aisle.
Did I mention how gorgeous they both were together?

I haven’t had much time for films recently but tonight I went to The Lady in the Van. Maggie Smith is a stunner and this could only be a British film. Americans just don’t have it in them. Beautiful pace, understated, moving, and the most incredible acting performance from Maggie.

I’m also reading about a couple who have fallen on hard times and are living in a car but this version is a great deal more frightening. I love Margaret Atwood and can’t believe I missed this one. It’s pretty dark so far. Great title.

Have a happy week. FG



One Reply to “j’arrive”

  1. House is looking Heggie-divine can’t wait to visit. Pleased you are enjoying some nesting time and things going where you want them to be and how you want them to be. Lady in the Van – there were parts I loved, parts that filled me with sadness – but I found it annoying that seemed to treat her like a pound puppy – maybe it was just the time or that there were yet not thousands of homeless – or maybe Bad Maggie (Thatcher) hadn’t fully manifested as the evil B she was – but maybe there is some American left in me that just doesn’t get the British.

    And I just read a very tepid review of the new Atwood in the NY Times – yes I know maybe ”they” just don’t get it – I started it on Byliner and liked it – but then life and a crazy turn (in the book and in life) intervened. What did you think?


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