Alpacas-it’s amore

Welcome to the new year. Lucy and Charlie Brown seemed to have it sussed. I’m more Lucy than Charlie unfortunately.

I was lucky to be invited to my friend’s place for a couple of days in the countryside near Waipu. What bliss, rustic accommodation, some wild weather, books, wine and a black dog. We marched the boundary, checked out the heifers, visited the local township where I actually resisted the temptation to buy an old ship’s clock for my kitchen and generally ate, drank and were merry.

Great sign, “Merry Xmas, back sometime. Trevor”

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How quickly city life recedes when all you have to do is watch the changing view outside the window. I often think about living more remotely but think I would miss the movies and cafes. I guess I could adapt though. I’d like to build an eco home, something small and simple. Maybe it will be my next project.

One afternoon we visited the local alpaca farm. Pav and Mark were very welcoming and I had the chance to touch and admire the beautiful carded wool although Pav didn’t have yarn to sell. I used to have a spinning wheel and did quite a lot of wool for jerseys that were kind of in vogue in the late seventies. The lustrous, silky wool made me want to have another go. Pav breeds Suri alpacas. I had no idea there were two types.

There are two types of alpaca: Huacaya (which produce a dense, soft, crimpy sheep-like fiber), and the Suri (with silky pencil-like locks, resembling dreadlocks but without matted fibers). Suris, prized for their longer and silkier fibers, are estimated to make up 19–20% of the North American alpaca population.
Apparently Suris are much more rare in NZ as well and they really do have the cutest dreadlocks. Pav felts her alpaca wool into the most exquisite scarves. In addition, they take alpaca walks along the beach and have self-contained accommodation. As it is just an hour and a half from Auckland, the idea of spending a few days in the peace and quiet with the alpacas is very appealing.
Even though the alpacas had been fed, Pav and Mark indulged us and them by allowing us to go and feed them again. It was quite lovely being surrounded by these sweet, doe-eyed creatures.
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Pav with her scarves.

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Back to work from Sunday and maybe a month away from moving into my house. We still haven’t taken the Christmas decorations down but it is planned for the weekend. it is a strange in-between time at the moment in that some things are not quite at an end and others are yet to begin.
I haven’t put much thought into the new year and what I aim to do but I am going to get together with a few friends for an art workshop next week. Apparently you don’t need to be any good at art thank goodness!
I haven’t achieved much of the living -more -simply -goal and seem to spend far too much time wanting stuff for my house. I have become a little better at breathing… and try to keep up the mindfulness meditating.
I am reading Christiane Northrup’s book at the moment called Goddesses Never Age. I don’t know what I think yet. I am not convinced that cancer is caused by “an extreme need to grow” or that health issues are all emotionally related, but I am getting some inspiration from it so will continue.
So no real resolutions but to enjoy each day and appreciate what I have. What about you? After all, the one sure thing is that we can’t be sure what the new year will bring. I hope you have a happy year.


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