Christmas Projects

This week I knitted a tie but forgot to take a picture and now it’s all wrapped up for Christmas. I also resolved to walk each day and have already broken that one. However, I am taking time to enjoy the lovely NZ Christmas tree- the pohutakawa which blooms bright red at this time of year.   These ones are at Hobsonville Point are on the  4 kilometre walkway that  is being further completed and extended all the time.

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The walkway is wide and smooth so is suitable for bikes, walking, scooters and so on.

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After reading about Annie Sloane paints and getting all of the books out of the library, I finally got around to giving it a go. This is my first attempt with a little help from my friend. I used a bedside cabinet I picked up somewhere when I was flatting over 40 years ago. I seem to accumulate a load of tat and second hand stuff. I’ve missed Kirstie’s Handmade this year for inspiration.  The paint is as Annie Sloane claims- just slap it on, no sanding, preparatory work and so on. I’ve only waxed the top as it is expensive and I intend to redo my dining room table with it when I move to HP. This kind of painting is instant gratification as it dries really quickly and it doesn’t seem to matter what you do with the brush. Now of course, I want to go mad and paint everything I own. Duck egg blue naturally.

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I’ve pretty much finished my meagre Christmas shopping but am thinking about scrumptious vegetarian dishes for my son and other vegos for Christmas Day. Any suggestions for recipes are really welcome please. FG

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