It is nearly Christmas isn’t it?

I love to get magazines as well as books from the library. In my most recent collection was a Christmas issue of County Life or some such. Now, I’m not remotely religious but I like planning a few Christmas decorations. I guess I’m dreaming that I might be in my new house by then. Here are a few ideas I took from the issue and gleaned from other places.

Not sure December is apple season for us in NZ
My angel Christmas dish cloth. There is a bit more knitting in this one so I would need to start early.
I thought I might make this cutie into a tile but may not have things out of storage early enough.

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As soon as I have finished my blanket I am going to think about what I can make for Christmas. My sister is making lots of lovely things but i am not good at detail and sewing and embroidery like her. Her range of angels is particularly lovely. Message me if you want to buy any or check out Facebook Bee Stitching.

This one is called Hope 🙂
Not strictly a Christmas angel but.. so cute and would make a great present any time of year.
I’m not sure she has a name but I think of her as Miss Prim.
The three sisters… just like us
These gorgeous handcrafted angels are 50 dollars each and of course don’t reflect the hours of work and hand stitching involved.
These little stars and hearts are for door handles (or wherever actually) and are stuffed with NZ wool with a little lavender sachet inside. At just 10 dollars, I am going to send these to my friends in France this Christmas. You can’t see the details here but there is a little snowflake tied on to the star and a little charm also on the heart.

Design and Style

As you are aware my friend and I are buying identical houses two doors away from each other. C is a neat freak and loves Scandinavian, Japanese and is generally a minimalist. As you are also aware I will never manage minimalism or being a neat freak. I do love Scandinavian and some Japanese style however. in fact, she and I really like each other’s style, even though we wouldn’t do it ourselves. That got me thinking about style and what it actually means. A lot of my “stuff” is associated with memories. some are gifts, others are things I bought at particular times in my life. I can’t imagine having a “stylist” do my house. My house will be eclectic, probably messy, practical and hopefully warm and welcoming. It won’t have chairs that are uncomfortable or couches you can’t take your shoes off and lie around on.

I read a library book the other day called, “Designers At Home” and there wasn’t a house in it that I would emulate but I did enjoy their different definitions of style. Here are a few of my favourites.



I gravitate towards homes and people that are inviting, warm and authentic – Tammy O’connor

Fear of expression is style’s biggest enemy- Ken Fulk

Stylish living is having a relentless sense of curiosity and a spirit of adventure about all things- Malcom James Kutner

I equate stylish living with a personal blend of grace, kindness and charm. Style should reflect a person’s character- Jan Showers

Many homes are perfectly designed but they fail to reflect the personalities of the people who live there. The absence is disturbingly visible- Rose Tarlow

Style is understanding who you are and knowing how to say it in your own language – India Hicks

So there you go, it’s all about authenticity. It doesn’t mean one person has “good” taste and another “bad”. It’ all about authenticity and reflecting your personality in your style. C will never be shabby chic, and I will never be minimalist but it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate each other’s style.

Trouble is my ideas and tastes change from day to day, does that mean I have a disturbed personality?? Yesterday I went looking for material to cover my old couch, and found I gravitated to the romantic. Tomorrow it will be velvet I’m sure.

017ac8af2dffae01be2c2facceb4b8886b314c4025 I like some monochromes but would prefer that soft blue/green to the grey. I do like the headboard though and might apply it to the whole room!

01966e5bb6449baa20b2851ae08db925876db899c9 0147c833f99a090eac681b551605cdca1a8a4139fc

Feel is important to me and these have feather pillows. Although, thinking about it, my paintings always come with me as an anchor to whatever else goes in a room. In fact, I am a little homesick for some of them, especially my Picasso dove.


I am just a sucker for ducks I guess
Don’t tell the other angels but she is my favourite. I bought her in a village in Holland many years ago. I like her because she is a little bit tatty and a little bit flawed.
How can you resist a dog in a hat with musical notes on it? (I do know people who can resist…)

Yes it’s stuff but it’s my stuff and it reminds me of people and places I love. Have a good week. Fill me in on your style. FG




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