Moody blue

I mentioned recently that I am getting very covetous as my house gets underway. So much for simple living…. I just love duck egg blue and I would go so far as to say it moves me. I take pleasure in looking at it, having objects in that blue and even wearing it. I note however, not everyone feels the same about their environment.

On a recent visit to a friend’s new house (male) and where my son also lives, I mentioned that the nasty grey/beige curtains needed to go. They both looked at me blankly, shrugged and said, “We open them in the morning and close them in the evening, who cares?”

Well, I do. The pleasure of fresh sheets, a newly made bed, a duck egg blue colander are immeasurable. not to mention the lovely duck, a single brass candle or a dog and a quilt.

A little indulgence at the Hobsonville Market. thanks Maisie and Grace


My sister sells these cuties see the Bee Stitching Facebook.


The perfect Christmas angel
I made this tile from a picture I snapped in Quillon in France

01a3e407c89a48c9c801e648cc7c606bdb21d74441 013ce3efea77a6653d115e0aada152dfeab767722f 013ee2e509d9ea5ccaaa7c4d1ac864f331096b3204 016ed09ea8e76422fcb103cf626ae5d170df568c9e 017fa509b49a145c5bc990a6105a6d3b67b71ef6f0 018c46a3651990cca85e8831639442192b9a9591f3 0126b07c9a4c10f5555d2c8db2ceb6913a1d14bba2 013952a4cfff39e120c4911eca5694b434e6d7ba09 0154184b317ccb66bc63a2d12f7e2fa134fd88f3e2 0158727e0a741366de939df8647e15bc70545913d7 01b937878bccfc218337fb9e8232ef408007433a47 01026b11ad825c25aaa05755f763ca51a73df51e38 01482bb6df56b8a3cf9478611e1270d68bd7dd543e

Have to fly, off to Christchurch for a week. Back soon, hopefully without buying anything…. FG

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