Saturday afternoon delight

It was a beautiful day in Auckland yesterday so I met a friend at the Catalina and we did the Hobsonville Market  and took a walk around the new part. I stopped in at the Hobsonville Medical Centre and Pharmacy and they were in a high state of activity as they open on Monday. I am going to sign up there as it is across the road from my house. I’ll probably join the dentist there as well. (I took my son Sam to see the house the other day and he was clearly not riveted. “It’s really just a whole lot of scaffolding…” He obviously doesn’t see the beautiful new kitchen and lovely paintings and the linen duvets…. )

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Following this we drove to find the Nood outlet store in Westgate.We then cruised out to Kumeu and spent a lovely time in the Westie’s answer to Nosh. It is called Boric.

It does bother me that I am constantly coveting these days and not living as simply as I’d like to. In the end it is just a whole lot of stuff but I am a total homebody and love planning my nest. Still knitting… This is for a friend’s 80th and is coming along. It’s great to knit in winter as it keeps my knees warm while I’m doing it.


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