Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

William Morris

How I wish I could stick to the above. When I put the house on the market I did get rid of a lot of stuff and I did find it really liberating. However, when I had to finally move everything last week for final settlement, and I really thought I didn’t have much, I found I had to move everything from a small storage unit to a bigger one.

In the end I am a reluctant giver upper of stuff. I confess that I have kept the driftwood for my Christmas tree even though I have another one. It was a tradition for Sam and me to go and collect the lovely bone dry, white driftwood out at the wild Taumutu beach at the end of Lake Ellesmere and then we would spend the day propping it up around the fireplace and hang an assortment of Christmassy things on it. You just can’t get that white wood up here, or at least I haven’t found any.

This aint no sweet little swimming beach. The shelf drops steeply away and it is usually windswept and wild but a fantastic place for blowing away the cobwebs.
At Taumutu there is also this mystical little church and cemetery to visit.
IMG_7435 (600x800)
My bits of driftwood. I think over the years there are fewer of them!

Bruce is looking after a bit of my “stuff” but I know that when I open that storage locker in 6 months time there will be again, so much stuff I wish I had thrown out. My intention is to put most things in the garage and then only take out what I actually miss. I don’t want to burden my son, Sam with a pile of stuff he doesn’t know what to do with when I cark it. Maybe I will order and box my photos more sensibly or scan them or something. Good intentions….but I might just keep the driftwood.

Meanwhile, there is the film festival to enjoy. It is a great line up and I found it hard to choose, especially as I can go to some of the day ones.

I am staying with my friend Deb and her sister, Virginia Heath, is a film director so I am rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous…well the famous anyway as Virginia’s film is in the festival. Her partner , Grant Keir, is the producer.

It is called From Scotland With Love and Virginia and Grant will be there for the Q and A after both screenings in Auckland.

The BBC says, “From Scotland With Love’ is a 75-minute film by award-winning Director Virginia Heath made from archive film material with a score by Scottish musician and composer King Creosote. Archive stills courtesy of the Scottish Screen Archive.”

Check out the making of it below:

From what I’ve heard of it so far the music is stunning and the images beautiful. Hope to see you there.

The weather is gorgeous, if a little chilly, and is going to be so for the rest of the weekend. The second floor is on my wee house so I will take some pics over the weekend.

Have a lovely weekend, and clean out that crap you know you don’t need… 🙂 FG


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