Sugar and all things nice

Actually I haven’t been to see That Sugar Film, but I read the article in the Listener. I don’t think I will go because it is all a bit too depressing. See below, the last few Listener covers. If you have sugar you will die, if you are lonely you will die, then the how not- to -die article!



I think I’ll go for a walk.. to the Chelsea Sugar Refinery and maybe go to OTT afterwards for a nice pistachio eclair. It is such an iconic building and I love its orange/pink blush on the horizon as you drive over the Auckland Harbour bridge.

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It is a lovely place to walk as there are old refinery houses to peer into as well as some gorgeous old villas in the area and then you can go bush and walk through some impressive stands of kauri.

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Yes, that’s right, 3 million tonnes. I think Mum’s hokey pokey biscuits used about 2 million of them.
I just want to get it on record that according to my friend, Deb the CSR toilets are the nicest in the known world. In fact, had there been a couch she may well have had a little kip in the salubrious surroundings. Go Auckland Council.
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Not quite so attractive is the algae bloom that gives animals and probably humans nasty avian diseases.

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And after all that vigorous exercise, a trip to the OTT for the fore -mentioned eclair is surely required. (Well okay not required, but I’m sure it is practically calorie-free and nuts are really good for you.) Check them out on Facebook

Craft is still in the background. I am working on Bruce’s rug for snoozing on the red couch and doing the odd dishcloth but today I also want to show you what my sister makes, as they are exquisite. I am a slap dash, left-handed, untidy type whereas she is a meticulous and very fussy about the end product. Her Facebook page is called Beestitching, check it out some time.

Half of my lumpy, bumpy couch rug.
This is my nephew’s wedding ring sachet. He is getting married to Alison in Montana in July and his last name is Love-how cute is that?


My favourite though is the topsy turvey dolly. Let me know if you want to buy one for someone super-special. As you can see they are hours of work so you would need to order in advance,  but she would be a beautiful family heirloom.

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Lastly, I know I go on about the library but I have read a couple of books recently that I plucked off the shelves quite randomly and thoroughly enjoyed. They won’t change the  world but they were fun and entertaining and nicely written. I think how fantastic it would be to get a book published but how much work it is and how little recognition they get (or money).

First was God is an Astronaut and it was written entirely in emails but from one side of the writers only so you had to do a bit of figuring out of the unknown reply.

and the other gentle, easy read was

“Every chapter is prefaced by book suggestions that A.J. wrote to his daughter detailing stories that he feels are “must-reads” and why each one is important to him, but these journal entries also reveal the pain in A.J.’s past, foreshadow future sadness, and give a glimpse into A.J.’s soul that deepens the reader’s journey into this remarkable story.”


So FGers, keep off the sugar (or not) and get onto those Auckland walking tracks. Alternatively grab an eclair and slouch on the couch with a book. FG




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