New beginnings and a new part- time job

Very excited that my house is under way. It is so cool to be able to peek through the fence and see the foundations going in. The string is up so you can see the exact dimensions. The chaps doing the foundations were very helpful 🙂 and let me take some pictures. there may even be some framing up by the end of May. This is weather dependent though and there is a severe weather warning out for tomorrow with very heavy rain bursts forecast.

Great work Firth boys, I hope my concrete is better than the stuff you have to renew on the motorway…. 🙂

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I have also managed to get a wee part-time job at the weekends in the Hobsonville Point Information Centre starting this Sunday so if you are around please come and see me. It is in the same building as the Catalina Cafe.

You may remember I nearly bought a penthouse in the Brickworks complex. I saw someone getting their blinds put up yesterday so they are obviously all moving in so that will add another dimension to HP. They are going to have shops underneath that include I believe, a doctor, pharmacy, dairy, kebab shop, and a European cafe/deli. These are all two minutes from my place! I just hope I’m going to the deli and kebab shop more than the pharmacy and doctor.


Every time I go out (which is rather often as Scott and Mel at Jalcon will attest to) there is some new area or building or planting going on. Come and see me at the info centre Sunday. Have a great weekend FG.

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