Slightly obsessive??

In the last few weeks I have been obsessing about herb gardens so I got about 20 books out of the library.

This is the one I think would be easiest to manage maybe…still loads of work.


I’ve moved on to my latest passion which is Annie Sloan chalk paint.

I love the  French colours and the way you can slop it on without tedious preparation. You can even dye material with it. I have now read all of her books I think.


Naturally she has a place in France..

In my new place I am able to choose from only three “mood boards”, all of which are various shades of beige, white and grey. I will go for the white and grey so that when I get there I can cover anything I want with the chalk paint. As usual my favourite colour is robin egg blue.

I might start small and do my very old oak bed which I use as a guest bed. It is horrendously expensive but worth it I hope. I am doing lots of research and it is very liberating just pleasing myself. Singing, it’s my house and I can do what I want… I am thinking of this quite over the top wall paper for my bedroom. I would just get the two panels that make up the picture and probably just weight it down so it sits nicely without actually wall papering. Am I crazy? I love it and at least it is from Resene and not De Gournay (1200 dollars a drop…) and I can justify it as a head board as I imagine it behind my bed. I love those colours. What do you think?


Anyway, moving away from want, want, want. My mother used to say, “Always wants, never gets.” Fair enough, I’m supposed to be living more simply. Even so, I think nesting and creating an environment that you just love to come home to means you spend more time at home. I like nothing better than a big bag of library books on houses, a spot of knitting and a great book to read accompanied by chocolate, sparkly lights, candles and lavender. A girl can’t get enough of sparkly lights.

Speaking of really good books- I secured a couple of tickets to the launch of Michelle A’Court’s first book Stuff I Forgot To Tell My Daughter. Fortunately I went with my friend Deb as I was too tight to buy it and thought it might be a bit lightweight.

Very kindly, Deb let me read it first. I haven’t quite finished it yet but I love it! It is quite political and  so reminiscent of my own life as a feminist. Please buy it for your daughters or yourself. I would like my son to read it. It is of course, very funny as well.



I’ve had a blissful Friday and it isn’t over yet. I hope you have a great weekend. FG


2 Replies to “Slightly obsessive??”

  1. Glad you’ve had a great week – on term break?
    Love the herb garden – good choice
    Chalk paint – hmm – very very nice but can’t you make your own?
    New HWWP is a nightmare – navigation is mot human friendly. People can comment without identifying themselves – I’m giving up.
    Hope next week is just as wondrous.


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