Woolly and nostalgic and libraries

Ah, a non-work day. Bliss!. It is so warm for the end of March, still in short sleeves. I was having a leisurely cup of tea looking out the window at my favourite view. I will miss this very much but looking forward as well.


I love libraries! I have requested a pile of herb garden books and can’t wait to pick them up. It is so fantastic that it is free. I remember talking to Hone Tuwhare and how the library opened up a magic world to him. Long may it continue, imagine, he may never have become a poet otherwise.


My latest library books…herb gardening for dummies.

My recent knitting obsession is chunky knit rugs. Not that I have made one yet but I am thinking about it.


I am a creature of habit so I decided to knit my dish cloths in wool and sew them together, back them with linen and then make it into a cushion (well strictly speaking asking my sister to do the cushion part). What do you think? Am I turning into a nutty old lady?


Love having the roses from the vege shop about. Bit of an extravagance at 7 dollars but I’m not buying coffee…. and they last much longer.
There is nothing in life but to love and be loved. Well except beautiful linen, china tea cups, knitting…. 

It is so lovely having the day free to potter and make and do. Hope you are having a good day too, FG

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