Linens and living simply

Time for a bit of March-end reflection. My life has been a bit topsy turvey this year with a having to return to work albeit only two days per week, going in a new direction personally, my son going overseas, selling this house, buying another and so on.

My health is suffering a bit, I haven’t been doing yoga regularly and I m not getting enough exercise (as usual) so I am trying to slow down and take stock. It is such bliss waking up knowing this isn’t a work day, not that I am not grateful for the work, I truly am. Sadly though, I am going to have to work at least part-time until I retire in 6 years time and do some saving as well. A younger friend has just been diagnosed with heart disease at 53 so I constantly remind myself to make the most of each day.

I am very excited as my BFF is coming to stay tonight. We have known each other since intermediate and while we don’t communicate all the time we know we are always there for each other.

I really enjoy thinking about things to eat and enjoy, getting the bed ready etc.


Fresh spinach for dinner.


I also spend far too much time looking through library books for things I love. I am going through a coarse line phase right now. I know it isn’t living the simple life! but I am hoping to at least buy quality and revive old furniture so I’m not buying and throwing out all the time. Some of my favourite things are highly recycled. The old oak table below belongs to a dear friend I met when babysitting her children. It was their dining table for five and I spent many hours around this table discussing my teenage angst.

My friend’s dining table. It holds a lot of important memories.

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I read the quote below recently and having been really working on not talking about people so at least I become average! How easy it is to slip into meaningless and sometimes  mean, gossip. Another friend was telling me recently that she ended a friendship when the person seem to relish the drama in this friend’s time of crisis. So rather than being supportive, she seemed to enjoy gossiping about it and reveling in the horror of it. Good decision to end that relationship!


Have a great weekend everyone, FG


3 Replies to “Linens and living simply”

  1. Nice post FG, and yes to keeping people who ‘fill you up’ and releasing the others to find the people they will be good for. Here’s to calm times with old friends 🙂


  2. I’m re-reading Peter DeVries and enjoying laughing – even though I know he will break my heart – an almost unbearable sorrow often wins out. HIs writing is informed by the idea, as he put it, that “the rarer human sensibility becomes, the closer it gets to the logic of insanity.” He understood humour.

    Two days a week work seems idyllic – enjoy and stay sane – think of the writing you can do in your 5 precious days of ‘un-work’ and the bliss of enjoying friendship and new ideas – and exercise (-: I collected for child cancer today – a reminder to count our blessings.


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