New year, new beginnings

Hello Fluffy Georgers, it’s me, finally finding time to sit and write. Sorry I have taken so long but a lot has been going on.

My partner and I have very amicably chosen different paths so we have been very busy getting the house to rights for selling. Quite a big job, doing all that packing and sorting and cleaning etc.

Fab friends who spend hours cleaning the pantry. thanks Sabina 🙂 xx
Depressing stage of getting stuff packed but not yet stored.
Sam’s room finally empty of the floor robe….
The Spartenised kitchen!

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We both love our house dearly and will miss the sun and light but also look back on the lovely nine years we shared here.

So…moving on. I have bought a terrassed house off the plan from Hobsonville Point and hope to be in by Christmas.

I looked all over the place but the pieces didn’t fit until I went there. I have always wanted to establish an eco village with friends and this is the closest I have found. Read all about the market, the sculpture walk, the eco principles etc. here:

This is my house, I am in the middle somewhere there. A friend looks to be buying one just two doors along which is really exciting as we will go through the process together.

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I hope to get back in the swing of things now as the house will go on the market on Saturday. So if you know of anyone who wants to live in a loved and lovely sunny home do let me know. We live in the aptly named Sunnynook.

Sadly, as my financial parameters have shifted I will have to work at least part-time and am very grateful to have two days per week back at AUT. I am also having fun working with Dayle Candy from Harcourts. I came to know her while stalking open homes and now she is going to sell our place.

As I have had to store my tile gear for the rest of the year, I took my display boards to a cute wee shop in Milford called Arazzo and she has agreed to put them in her shop.

Please call in and see them if you are passing. Just in the main street down from the lights by the new cheese shop.



I have had a quiet day at home helping my son Sam sort everything for his four month adventure overseas. He leaves tomorrow. Feeling a little melancholy but of course delighted for him and  hoping it will be fun, challenging, and interesting but also that he comes home safe and sound. He has been at home for a few weeks so it has been brilliant having live music in the house again. He is playing his travelling ukulele in preparation for his trip. Go well, Sammy, you are the best. xx


I hope the simple life will not elude me and just as a token reminder I sat and knitted a dish cloth last night in a rhythmic trance :).  I have let yoga go by the wayside these last few frenetic weeks and so it isn’t surprising that I became quite sick last week. I will get on track now and loved reading a bit of Lauris Edmond last night.

She says:

I want to tell you about time, how strangely
it behaves when you haven’t got much of it left:
after 60 say, or 70, when you’d think it would

find itself squeezed so hard that like melting
ice it would surely begin to shrink, each day
looking smaller and smaller – well, it’s not so…
                                                        (‘In Position’)

I am not going to shrink my life, so onward, with love! FG


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