Bridge over troubled waters…

Another fun but slightly odd thing to do in Auckland is to take visitors to the underside of the harbour bridge. Just drive to Northcote Point and head for the bridge. We saw yachts sailing past, poems on the concrete pillars and a very amorous couple who seemed oblivious to our presence. It is interesting to be on the underbelly of the bridge. Take some friends or lovers….


Skytower through the girders
Can’t say I read the whole thing but might return one day to do that.
Possibly slightly bewildered visitor.


We even got a close up of an old America’s Cup NZ boat.

This interesting link tells you all about the commission for the poems under the bridge.

Her pictures are better too.

I am doing a bit of necessary job seeking in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

Have a great day off Aucklanders,  FG


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