Paris terror top most in mind.

While I have been faffing with tiles today (see the tiles tab for the new ones), in the back of my mind always was the terrible attack on the cartoonists. An acquaintance told me that even Leunig also receives hate mail!  How could anyone perceive him as a hateful or violent person? He is always promoting peace and simplicity.


Dear God,

We rejoice and give thanks for earthworms,
bees, ladybirds and broody hens;
for humans tending their gardens, talking to animals,
cleaning their homes and singing to themselves;
for rising of the sap, the fragrance of growth,
the invention of the wheelbarrow and the existence of the teapot,
we give thanks. We celebrate and give thanks.


prayer deco earthworms

How lucky we are to live where we live and able to do the things we enjoy. I think I might watch the tennis final and do some knitting.  FG

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