Phew Mid January 2015 already

Hello faithful fluffygeorges, happy new year, I hope all went well for you over the break. I went to Christchurch for a week and did a a bit of cricket watching, a wonderful trip to Long Bay near Akaroa to visit friends, a walk around the city and to visit family. All lovely with great weather and no quakes.


The lovely new cricket pavilion. I understand there has been a lot of opposition but I have to admit I loved it and the setting was beautiful.
A visit to the cardboard cathedral and the memorial chairs for those who died in the quakes.
Beautiful Long Bay
Sweet peas, beautiful china and gorgeous food. What more could a woman want?
A bit of a nostalgic trip to Akaroa as I used to live there for a bit.
We enjoyed the “stand tall” giraffe spotting and this one is rather special as it was designed by my dear friend Bev’s grand daughter.

As you know I love Leunig so I was moved to see this at the memorial for the quakes.



No visit to Christchurch is complete without a visit to my BFF and a wander around the township. So good to see the awakening of cafes and music.

You must visit the slightly mad Wunderbar if you are in town
Lyttleton’s own giraffe standing tall.
This lovely bar hosted us for a few drinks.

It is always good to come home and the summer continues with tile-making, knitting and of course, great food. It is such a pleasure to walk into the garden in the morning and pick a tomato to eat. They smell delicious.

Slightly out of control tomatoes.

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What I’m watching:

For fun and laughter the movie What We Did On Our Holidays

Loved the cast, especially the kids!

And for a  lot less fun and laughter, um none actually, Mr Turner. I enjoyed it but both my companions found it a bit tedious. It is long too. Timothy Spall is great but the character is fairly hard to empathise with. His ex wife is depicted as an old witch but as she has his children you can’t really blame her for wanting him to take an interest and some responsibility. Being an “artist” it seems, lets you away with bad behaviour.

Lots of challenges and changes ahead for me in 2015 so wishing you a good year too. As always, I turn to Leunig for advice. 🙂 FG



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