Have a lovely Christmas

Hi there, the weather has finally come together and the menu is more or less organised. We had a pre Christmas Christmas with Sam’s grandmother and aunty which was lovely.

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Really enjoyed the above movie, perfect for a couple of hours of escapism French-style.

I have a few books to read over the break and they are all very large!

I am thoroughly enjoying “A Tale for the Time Being” by Ruth Ozeki and when that’s finished I am going to read Donna Tart’s The Goldfinch, which everyone else seems to have read already.

I have done any shopping for presents I need to and am just finishing off a few homemade things. I have just finished and gifted my first Christmas dishcloth (does that make me sound a bit sad??). In case you don’t recognise her she is an angel and was given to a friend who is a bit of an angel herself.


And finally, this is possibly a little bit mean but a mother’s privilege, a then and now pic of my Sam, cute at any age…love you Sam.



Happy Christmas everyone what ever stage you are at and may 2015 bring you good times. See you in the new year. Fluffy George

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