Christmas Lists

Many years ago I read the above short story by Fay Weldon and remembered loving it. so I went on to the three free book sites to find it. I looked at Borrow Box, Bluefire Reader and finally found it in Overdrive. It is an interesting read just before Christmas! If you don’t have the above apps on your table (if you have one) I strongly recommend them as they are completely free and immediate gratification.

You can get them on PC as well. There are thousands of ebooks and audiobooks. Thanks to my young friend Josie who introduced these to me over a year ago. I love free books.

I have been to my second market on Saturday, ably assisted by my partner in crime, Deb. There were not that many people about but I am pleased to report I am finally in the black in terms of actually making a profit. (Just..)

The real fluffy George comes with me.
These are my favourites but no one bought them. These can be hung by their little ribbons.
My invaluable companion and chief supporter.
I hope you like our FG tee shirts.

I intend going to the Devonport market on Sunday, 10 am – 2 pm but am upstairs and a bit out of the way so if you are going please seek me out 🙂 opposite the children’s market.


I made a little Christmas banner from the left over felt.


I am getting into the spirit of things at home by getting all my little fairies out.

I know I shouldn’t have favourites but bought this one in Amersfoort in Holland a long time ago and I just love her.
This is my driftwood tree. I was going to pain the wood but though tit was nice and beachy just the way it was. Cat making an exit.
I have yet to fully decorate this but might just stick to lights.

I get anxious on a regular basis about money but also want to give the whole thing a proper test. I will have to do some work next year but really want to get back into writing everyday. There is always an excuse. I am having my newly formed poetry group here this week so that will galvanise me into writing as we did some free writing last time about our childhoods. This is what I have come up with so far but it is far from ready. It’s all too preachy so i will have to revise it ruthlessly.

Penned in
My mother in her faded dressing gown cried, bullied by the shit and toothpaste father.
She put herself in the playpen to sew the six kids’ clothes
While we wild things played outside around her, unpenned and protected from pins.

The budgie escaped from its cage once and narrowly missed the coal range
only to die plunging into the hot tomato soup on the table, made a helluva mess.
Second chances aren’t always second chances and sometimes the only peace you get
is inside the pen.

The small joys to be had- the first sign of a tomato!


Wishing you a calm pre-Christmas week, FG




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