Waiheke Cycle

We had a Grabone voucher for cheap fares on the Waiheke ferry, Explorer, that we needed to use up so we parked over the bridge and cycled (madly as we were late) to the ferry terminal and arrived with no minutes to spare. Explorer have opened up in competition with Fullers. They were very cheerful and extremely helpful with the bikes.



01499da01ff9775c4cd11636787736987c93fbc757 014261a72a5394a3a763eff9ee4bb2aef947f67059Mine is the pink bike and you may notice it has a handy battery on the back… I need assistance with the hills sometimes. It is a killer though, when the juice runs out as it is always at the end of the trip so both the bike and I are exhausted.

It was a perfect day though and it is sometimes easy to take our beautiful coastline for granted. We stopped at a lovely French coffee house called FrenchOt and had a wee pick-me-up of coffee and pastries.



French pastries

We continued on around the coast. At about the half way point we again “rested” with a bag of cherries, first for the season. It’s a tough life.

We are pretty sure these birds are godwits and they put me in mind of Robin Hyde’s The Godwits Fly, a book on my book sheIf would like to revisit.

Robyn Hyde can be found represented on the Wellington waterfront.

I also like her poetry. This the last verse from Half Moon

Go quietly. The tall gods here
Would wear your beauty like a flower,
To crush with jests and cast aside
In one unpitying, splendid hour.


0107fdc51526e1f7e07b507eb319ba587e9dab31fe 01f8b8dcbd81c7b9ff745f091d266576c2adb5b52c 017e4d54fcd0c5d80b8174acfbf88b5f11c28df798 019ad7bf9d3900bec668f783193b179d60a4e03471 01a5ebf4a19016046f971229bfcb5db3098a43365f


I loved reading the local newspaper; how wonderful that news is when a child’s scooter and gumboots have been left at the park.

Our last stop for the day was the expensive Oyster Inn. I hear Mick Jagger was there last week.

We had limited time and money so we just had some drinks and the olives and bread dipped in their own olive oil. It was delicious and I wish I had bought a bottle. We sat on the verandah and looked out to sea.

0199f897847cc54f265645914fb7a57944dd149260 01a789071f01009ea81eca35921b29d14a6209fe15


The Oyster Inn Press ShotsThe Oyster Inn Press Shots


So we arrived home “tired but happy”, a little sunburned but otherwise in good spirits.


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