One little Heggie went to the Mairangi Bay market…..well is going.

Gulp, I have committed to going to the Mairangi Bay market  on Saturday. It is only a tiny market but it has the best fresh greens of anywhere. Please, please, yes I am begging, pop in and stand around as a crowd saying things like, “Wow, aren’t those tiles beautiful, they are perfect for Granny May, Uncle Rupert, the favourite school teacher etc etc. Gosh aren’t they inexpensive.”

This would be very good for my morale in case I don’t sell any.  Fortunately I have my dear friend Deb in cahoots with me and she has been a wee treasure all day helping stick and cut and paste and varnish.

Also it is the Mairangi Bay Santa parade, yay at 12:30 so you could come early and visit moi and then the kids could go mad on a sugar rush.

Santa Parade



What may you ask, do you do with a tile or two? Well put a candle on top so it doesn’t drip onto a nice table cloth

01638d7f6fb0d9247fb06868f39a2d9902d5931011 - Copy

or put a nice glass of wine on it (or a nice cup of tea by your bedside).


or put your straighteners on it


or make a cute wall hanging


How about an inspirational quote to keep you motivated?


or just on the table looking pretty under the olive bowl or chutney or salad. (They are decorative so they can’t take really hot stuff.) Sorry this tile is already sold today but I have a wee few like it.


I also have this slightly rude motivational tile which I won’t be able to put out on market day…but if you want one let me know.

This one is a bit off centre so I think I will keep it .
I was a bit worried about copyright but i figure f they are on the net or dead or the Dalai Lama, I’m okay. Any advice?
Do you think Roald Dahl will come chasing me for royalties?
Surely Hemingway wouldn’t care?

And hot off the press today are my “business” cards. Bit of a laugh as I think I have spent about 900 dollars so far and made about 130 but nothing beats an afternoon of cutting out with a friend. Priceless.


My big aim is to get some money towards a hire a car to get back from our holiday in Christchurch at Christmas. Dear friends have said we can use their house and car while we are there and we are repaying the hospitality when they come to us in January for a wedding. Reciprocity, lovely. So far we have just the one way ticket. It’s all good though, it sure beats the grind of work. I am so happy to be at home.

Don’t let the Christmas spirit get into your wallet. 🙂 FG


3 Replies to “One little Heggie went to the Mairangi Bay market…..well is going.”

  1. Honestly your tiles are gorgeous and special and there is no need for you to feel worry. I am sure the marked will be a great experience. I only can say that I love all of my tiles and they make me happy.


  2. Sue, your blog today has made me chuckle…a lot…after a difficult day at work. Thank you and good luck for Saturday. Shall look forward to hearing that it was a huge success


    1. Sorry to hear work wasn’t that great. I’m in pain from cycling around Waiheke. My legs ache and my arms are sunburnt. Good fun in a gorgeous day though.


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