Bayswater Walk

It is finally starting to feel like summer so Bruce and I took a stroll along the Bayswater boardwalk. It is really good for biking as well. It has great views of the city in the distance and close ups of the herons and the eels in the stream and mudflats.

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The one downside was the amount of rubbish including a bike in the stream.

We wandered in the old cemetery and I love to look at the lovely old fashioned names that are now back in vogue. It also makes me grateful when I see so many died either in a war or at a young age.

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Some of my favourites are Clara, Herbert, Harriet and Florence. Not quite so keen on Bertha, Phyllis and Gertrude…

The NZ Christmas tree is starting to flower and a friend’s yoghurt best by date was December 25!

We are hosting Christmas lunch at home for around a dozen friends and family and then flying to Christchurch on Christmas night to watch the cricket that starts on boxing day. However, as I am now on a much-reduced income i have made a list for the nieces and friends to help  me. Rather than buy crackers I thought I could dig out some crepe paper and we can make them on the day and have asked Sam to find a few good jokes so i can put them on the table. As it is brunch I think we will go for lots of light salads and salmon although it looks as though Bruce is insisting on a turkey. I am experimenting with place names and maybe will have a go at this fruit tree. I will get my tree out this year. Last year I was in France! Hard to believe it was so long ago.

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Although I may not be able to resist making these Christmas mince pie Bombe Alaska. It is super easy; buy the pies, put a scoop of plain ice cream on top and slather with meringue mix and pop in the oven for a few minutes. Yum!

I was really lucky to discover a wee poetry group starting up and we met for coffee last week. I am hosting the first formal meeting next week so I’ll let you know if it inspires me to get on and write. I have been busy with getting my ten dish cloths done, I have one more to go. I am also working on Christmas tiles and may pluck up courage and go to a market on the weekend and try to at  least recoup some costs. I am making some more romantic tiles to go with my Scandinavian ones.







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Have a great day. FG

3 Replies to “Bayswater Walk”

  1. Nice looking through your blog Sue/ FG. My great grandmother is a Clara in Bayswater Cemetery. I am typing up her memoirs at the moment to publish as a user friendly book.


  2. Looking through the Palmerston North Cemetary recently, I noticed how many had Clara on the gravestones.
    Clara is one of my favourite girl’s names and years back I remember the German Equestrian Team had a lovely mare called Clara who was my absolute favourite.


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