Domestic bliss


Walked to Mairangi Bay Yoga Sanctuary for an hour and fifteen minutes of yoga. Thanks AUT for the going away voucher 🙂 Friend Deb bought the introductory offer. We both looked very similar to the woman in the picture below…except for the pink pants.

Content image

Made a brunch as I didn’t eat before yoga using up the last of the broad beans.


Knitted by 4th of 10 dish cloths for an Christmas order while catching up on a few Escape to the Country episodes.

Pulled out the broad beans to ready the garden for another round of vegetables.

Made an orange, cranberry fennel salad. So easy! Chop fennel bulb finely, chop up orange, add a handful of dried cranberries and toss in oil and red vinegar.


Done the dark wash and brought in the sheets. Time 2:30 🙂

List for the  rest of the day:

change bedding

Vege shopping



Continue with sorting filing cabinet. I find filing cabinets a bit hopeless or is it me? Stuff gets filed in there and then stays there for the next ten years without ever being sorted. Therefore. I am tossing stuff out like VISA bills from 2007. I am also feeling a bit nostalgic as Sam’s reports are all there. It is so funny to read a report from when he was 7 that emphasises Sam’s fascination with environmental issues and there he is a conservationist/ecologist.



I had to renew my library books today which means I have only read one of them but I have been away and also had visitors.

I am feeling a bit nervous about dipping into savings as there won’t be any contract work until next year and i am totally averse to really looking hard…but I am so happy! hope you are too. FG

4 Replies to “Domestic bliss”

  1. tried the salad – Nix on the yoga – couldn’t find my blue sports bra (do they make them in grown-up sizes these days?) My filing ‘cabinet’ is the hall closet. A 2007 visa bill would be in the “recent files’ box – or anyway somewhere near the box. I find moving house helps disperse the clutter. Still planning that trip….


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