Lyttleton Lights and Pizza night and of course knitting…

My BFF lives in the little town of Lyttleton. You drive through the tunnel and turn your back on the city and arrive to the hustle and bustle of the port. She lives on the cliff edge so had quite a bit of damage in the earthquake but is now all ship shape. She also happens to be a genius in the kitchen, I and some friends were invited over for a make your own pizza night. Rose has a proper wood fired pizza oven out side by the barbecue. She prepared all the dough balls and we had to “roll our own”.  It was a terrific night as we all experimented with the toppings Rose provided- blue cheese, pear, rocket, chorizo, mushrooms, peppers, capers, etc etc.

BFF with very large spatula. Thanks Rose!

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In addition to the gorgeous food and company we sat on the deck and watched all the activity in the port. The pilot boats coming and going, the beautifully restored tug boat going on an excursion and the big container ships unloading. This was followed by a spectacular sunset show. A fantastic end to a great night.

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No road trip is complete without a spot of knitting. I was busy with my dear friend Bev’s alpaca hat and I followed this up with a pair of alpaca finger-less gloves for a young friend studying in Dunedin. I figured that in the cold she could text and hold a pen in any weather.

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Bev’s husband is an expert photographer but has arthritic hands which get very cold while camera holding. He tried on Josie’s gloves and ordered a pair 🙂 I made them in a manly green Alapaca and have them ready to send off today. (Sorry I forgot to photograph. )

I have friends coming to stay at the end of the week so will need to get into cleaning mode anon. Have a great week, FG


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