Christchurch revisited by day and by night.

I have been away for the last 8 days so would like to document my trip over the next few blogs. I lived in Christchurch for close to 30 years but thankfully had left when the earthquakes struck. I have been back a few times and this time I really felt a little more optimistic. The Deans park market was booming.

I was lucky enough to see some of the giraffes in the Christchurch “Stand Tall” sculpture project as it started just as I arrived and will be on until early next year when the giraffes will be auctioned for charities. Great idea.

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I had never visited The Tannery before. What a wonderful transformation of an old building.

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It added to the feeling that things were on the move.

A night visit to the central city created mixed feelings. At times it still felt like a war zone but then some cool little intitiative would pop up to make us smile.

Lovely furniture made from recycled earthquake timbers.
The Sound Garden where you can play a whole range of instruments from pipes and jandals to different sized fire extinguishers.
The Victoria Street clock restored to its former glory- beautiful.
My favourite -the dance floor. You can open the lid of the washing machine on the edge of the floor and out in 2 dollars and plug your ipad in and dance away. So clever and beautiful use of an empty, ugly space.
Sadly this sort of thing is still quite a common sight.

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Still, on balance lovely things are emerging from the ashes and creativity is coming to the fore. FG


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