A little adventure south

Tomorrow I am off to the South Island. I fly into Christchurch to visit family and friends and then my dear friend Bev and I are driving to Dunedin.On the way we plan a special stop at the Moeraki boulders to scatter my husband’s ashes. He died in a climbing accident 21 years ago and I have kept them here at home but I feel it is the right time to do this. I have chosen Moeraki because we stopped there on the way to our little marriage ceremony in a tiny town called Kimbel, close to the mountains. Sadly Brett fell on Mount Sefton (to the left of Mount Cook) only three weeks after this happy event.

Mueller Hut, Mount Sefton, New Zealand, photo

On the way we all stopped at Moeraki for a walk along the beach and this place feels right to me. ( These photos are not very clear because they are photos of photos.)

Brett, his parents, Sammy and me on the Moeraki beach
The weather was one of those perfect, big sky central Otago autumnal days.


So next week I am going  for a quiet stroll with Bev along the beach and to scatter the ashes there.

I will be away for 8 days and have decided not to take my computer so will take lots of photos and post when I return home.

I am however, taking my knitting! I am making a fancy beret from the alpaca wool for my friend Bev, who is a hat wearer from Dunedin, as it can get pretty cold down there. Below is the pattern from a blog site called Knitting Galore by dianne-jones.blogspot.co.nz. She is obviously really clever and her pattern is free. It is also on two needles as I am not keen on circular ones. I have no idea how to “wet block” the finished article but no doubt there will be a video about it somewhere. Fingers crossed I can do it.



Isn’t the koru such a lovely symbol of growth? This is the fern that grows at our back door right beside the washing line. I guess they will have unfurled by the time i return home.


Have a wonderful week wherever you are. FG


3 Replies to “A little adventure south”

  1. have a lovely trip, Sue. This made me have a little cry. All three of you look so happy, beautiful and carefree. Brett’s death is one of the few tragedies that really touched and defined my life. I still feel disbelief that it happened. I’ll think of you scattering the ashes, in such a wonderful place. I’ve walked there twice this year on the way to Dunedin. Maybe I’ll see you in Chch?


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