The simple life doesn’t mean an empty life!

It seems crazy to say but I’m busy 🙂 This week I am having lots of visitors. On Tuesday night my lovely son came for dinner and as he is a pescatorian (only fish no other meat) I made Libby Weaver’s hamburgers using lentil patties and my favourite, her cashew nut sauce and alongside that her apple walnut salad with the most delicious dressing of dates, lemon, ginger, cumin etc. as well as a green salad from our garden. In addition I made a batch of choc chip biscuits for Sam to take back to the flat to munch on while studying.

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In between times I continue with tiling and knitting. I am back to making a few dish cloths to give away to visitors as well as the odd woolly hat.



I also went to the $6 session of Hip Op-eration, a local film about a group from Waiheke Island forming a hip hop group. They age between 67 and 94. I thought it might be too similar to Young at Heart which I loved but I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it. Quite moving and the best part for me was the back stories of the women they focused on.

The Hip Op-eration Crew is the world’s oldest dance group (Guinness World Records, 2014).
The Mega Crew hip hop dance troupe consists of 23 senior citizens aged between 67 and 95 years old. All Crew members are neighbours and live on Waiheke Island, a small island off the East coast of New Zealand in the South Pacific.
The motto of The Hip Op-eration Crew is RHY = Respect and Honour Youth.

Hip Hop dance is a vehicle to not only form stronger connections with our young people but to also promote attitudinal change in our society; towards both aged persons and youth.
The group performed at the World Hip-Hop Championship Finals in Las Vegas (11th August 2013), competed in the New Zealand National Hip Hop Championships (2013 & 2014) and have been featured in the news media all over the world from the front page of the Wall Street Journal to the BBC News in Europe to Chinese, American and Australian primetime television. They have become an internet sensation and are also the subject of a 95 minute feature documentary film currently in cinemas all over NZ before being released internationally in late 2014.The Hip Op-eration Crew members include four people who use mobility aids, 11 members in their 80s and 90s, many people who are deaf, and one member who is legally blind. The average age is 80 years old and there are five men and 18 women in the Crew.

Please visit us on Facebook for videos, photos and updates:-

I am also immersed in my two  MOOCS but am trailing behind a bit as I have a couple of visitors today, my friend Rebecca and her dear wee 6 month old Dahlia and tomorrow I have an old friend for the day from Australia. I was her bridesmaid way back when. It is a fatal  move starting to look for old photos as I am now way behind on my list.


 I have my eyes closed but those were the days where you eked the film out, took it to the chemist and a week later got to see them. That is, if you didn’t accidentally open the camera and ruin it or the film got stuck. We haven’t changed a bit. At least it’s in colour!

For the long weekend we are off to Turangi to stay with a couple of Bruce’s friends. I haven’t been there before so I am looking forward to the trip. The traffic will no doubt be hideous. On Monday we are going to see the cricket at Hamilton. I wish I didn’t know that Sam will also be on the road. I never stop worrying, even though there is no point to it.

It’s a hard life! Have a great weekend everyone. FG

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  1. dont stress: you’ll be very safe in the nana car. Patience and tolerance are the key…..have a lovely break, go catch a trout and pray for the Black Caps!!!!


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