Christmas Tile Mania

I got a little carried away this afternoon and have semi-prepared about 24 Christmas tiles. I am a sucker for anything that looks remotely Scandinavian and i think these do.

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There is an amazing young woman who has set up her own business called The Sweet Eatery and her confections are out of this world. She sells at markets around Auckland including the Saturday Mairangi Bay market.

and incidentally this market has the best greens in the world. So cheap and so fresh.

Anyway, back to the tiles. I am hoping The Sweet Eatery might be interested in putting a delicious Christmas confection on top of a tile as a gift. I thought it would be ideal for a teacher, an elderly person, a friend as they get to eat something delicious and then keep the pretty tile for the Christmas table. Who knows she might be keen. Thoughts anyone??

Below are just a few of her concoctions, yummmmmm. She also does good gluten free.

Bet these have really helped that late afternoon sugar craving. Stuff Dr Libby’s chocolate recipes made with beetroot and avocado right now. Have a good week, FG

2 Replies to “Christmas Tile Mania”

  1. Wow, those tiles are wonderful! I agree, they have a Scandinavian style to them. I’m sure you’ll have no problem interesting someone in them. Are they ceramic? And how’d you get so crafty?!


  2. Great idea. give it a go Sue. And No!! Hasn’t done anything for my sugar craving. Luckily, Cameron was bored!! yesterday while Wayne and I went to a 3 yr old party. Came home to a delicious double batch of chocolate chippie biscuits!


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