Tiling Away

I thought I had tiled the morning away but I see it is 2:40 pm. I have decided to move away from the silicon sealer as it is so bad for ones brain and breathing. It is a pity as the thick deep sheen looks great but I am going to experiment with varnishes instead.

Today I have been putting the felt on the backs of the tiles to protect any surface they go on. Sadly, by the time I have sourced the image, Mod Podged it and sealed it and then added the felt there is not a huge profit in this enterprise 🙂 Still I plough on, See below I have done a material Christmas one as well. Let me know if you want to buy one for a fortune or even a small fortune or ok, make me an offer. They vary in value from cheap paper through to genuine French 19 century prints.

01854482b12b59f25670c3abfb94d5879938ae3e5a 01561c178405aa33838221f29fcb5655f89b17b6b3 0192e8fd5376e64c85565b87ffc1045b4000cee421 0190c12c88565a692a62693d31e4d803d82316b151 016afc841743b79b5ce660c968791e86dd8a59f098 01ebc988911b5c8f1b9deb7d75202e5ef6c42d7388


Life is good, hope your week is going well.


2 Replies to “Tiling Away”

  1. If today were Christmas day in Wellington – we’d all be saying perfect weather – so warm the duvet was thrown on the floor last night. I f only I didn’t have a miserable cold it wold be a sublime day. Sue I love those tiles of yours and understand why you liked the Nicola Shanley prints – would make divine tiles.


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