Lovely to go, lovely to come home

Wellington really pulled out all the stops weather wise and it was great to catch up with friends, rekindle old ones and make some new ones. It really is a small country with so many people knowing each other at some other point in their lives or just knowing someone who knows someone. I didn’t really see Juliette Binoche but I like her haircut. Of course it will look exactly the same on me.

Wellingtpon Collage


Wellington a beautiful is gorgeous and the sea and surrounds were stunning. It has been my best holiday there yet.


This is a small piece of a Katherine Mansfield sculpture in the city centre. It was interesting picking out the familiar stories.


The cafes were quirky and more interesting than Auckland I thought. I feel able to comment as I went to quite a few….
Beautiful Floriditas. Tried to go to the new sister cafe called Loretta’s on Monday but sadly it was shut. I was totally psyched up for the rice pudding.


Trelise Cooper’s shop was quietly classy too.

there were interesting images all over the place.


This is the chocolate shop. I brought Bruce some craft beer chocolate home.
I was simply watching I suppose but loved the weekend.

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I arrived home “tired but happy” last night. It was so lovely to have a little adventure but to also come home to my partner, to our warm and sunny home and note all the little changes in the garden. It was good to sit down to dinner with fresh vegetables from the garden. The grape vine has gone berserk in the last few days.


It was good to go back to routine today and do some yoga. It’s amazing how creaky you get after just a few days. Friends are checking in and booking in for Christmas and the temperatures are on the rise so Christmas is creeping up very quickly.

I am so grateful to be able to be at home. Have a good week, FG



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