Broad beans and back to childhood

I “harvested” my first broad beans and had them for breakfast. Yum. Unfortunately there won’t be enough to share with the neighbourhood at this rate….

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I spent this afternoon with my dear friend Deb and we stuck and pasted to our hearts’ content. I had never liked our cheap coffee table anyway.. It is a lot of fun pottering with a friend and chatting and sticking and deciding where to put things. It is very reminiscent of my childhood, with scraps and card making etc. I think that in”the olden” days, women spent a lot of time in this companionable way, perhaps knitting or sewing or cooking together and it has been lost in the rush of today’s  way of living. Books have even been written about the crazy way women manage children, full time work and all that that  involves. Been there, done that.

Libby Weaver’s book”Rushing Women Syndrome” has become a huge best seller( including my contribution to it) and was yet another reason I chose to slow down and try to live more simply.

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome (E-Book)

$ 19.95 NZD

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome describes the biochemical and emotional effects of constantly being in a rush and the health consequences that urgency elicits.

It was also great to finish with a wee glass of bubbles. The table is certainly not perfect and has bubbles of its own but it is a very satisfying and cheap way to spend the afternoon. I still have to decide about trying the marine coating over the top for a mirror finish that might or might not work, or just putting a piece of glass over it. All suggestions welcome.

Stage one.
Ta dah! Bubbles for us and sadly bubbles on the table too..




One Reply to “Broad beans and back to childhood”

  1. Good for you Sue – mine never make it to the table – I brush them against my jeans and eat the whole thing – mind you I’ve come late to Broad Bean Admiration – before growing them they were just the dreaded sandy always pre-packaged (not by Mother Nature either) lima bean


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