Spring clean

I’m starting each day with a home grown grapefruit at the moment. Thanks to Bruce for preparing it and leaving it for me when he goes to work 🙂

When the sun comes out I see all the areas that need a good clean and tidy up. So I have asked my friendly handyman/cleaner/painter to come around and give me a hand. He has kindly allowed me to be his apprentice and do the rolling or sanding etc. and he does the tricky bits like cutting in.  Hopefully this will save some money and I’ll learn a few good tips.

The balustrade certainly needs attention and the deck needs a good water blast.

Still knitting and i don’t want to be ungrateful but some of the wool from Spotlight is 100% acrylic and it isn’t nice to knit or wear. So I may just finish the singlet to go with the hat and just buy some proper wool to go on with. Any thoughts about acrylic for older children? At least it might wash well in a machine.

Acrylic hat is quite cute but not sure about warmth.

I have started experimenting with material on tiles for Christmas. I thought these could go on the barbecue table or maybe smaller ones could be wrapped with a mini Christmas cake for a gift.


The weather has been a bit dismal here with a lot of rain and I need to get in the garden and do a replant. Hopefully the weekend will be better. Hope you have a good weekend everyone. FG

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