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I haven’t posted for a few days because of a chest infection. I think that had I been working I would have gone to the doctor for antibiotics and then struggled back to the office. This week, however, I have the days all to myself so I have been resting, reading, knitting and sleeping in a little. Coughing at night is still ongoing but I’m sure a few more quiet days will take care of it.

Finished a little matching hat to go with the singlet.

The above pattern is available from Kiwi Angels on Facebook.

Made Libby Weaver’s roast salad when my vegetarian son visited last night.

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Keeping on with yoga TV

Now that Spring is on its way, there are a lot of things to do around the house like painting and  water blasting so i need to galvanise myself into action. I am going to have a go at regrouting around the sink…I’m sure there is a You tube video on it.

However, I would much rather read a book or do some Christmas tiles.

I decorated these old blue bottles some time ago and still enjoy having a few wee herbs and daisies in them each day.
New Christmas material to begin experimenting making them into tiles.

I adore Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer on Location, Location, Location but especially like Kirstie’s home made programmes. So today, while I had breakfast I watched Kirstie making Christmas gifts. I believe she is from a very well off family so I like that she makes things and sews and bakes when she could easily afford to buy piles of “stuff”.

In recent years at work I have become averse to buying two dollar plastic rubbish for silly staff parties and this year out of necessity as well as enjoyment I hope to make most of my Christmas presents.

I still went to the cheap Tuesday movie though with my friend. I am not terribly keen on American movies but I enjoyed this one.

The slugs are still dying in the yeast and sugar so that’s good. FG



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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, hope you bounce back very soon
    Eve back this weekend to see Totem with us, very extravagant but hey ho!


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