The simple pleasures and the kindness of others.

Today is another free day for me, yahoo!

I am loving the sunshine, the bees the quiet and yes, afraid so…the knitting.

I’m feeling particularly pleased with myself as I sat and watched a you-tube video on kitchener stitch (or grafting) and then finished Deb’s cowl and it looks pretty good and the wool is divine. Not perfect of course…


The cowl is for dog walking and so can be a hood if it gets really chilly.




Couple of selfies…bit weird.

Still on the subject of knitting was talking to a friend who has started kiwi angels- a kind of random acts of kindness Facebook and we were discussing knitting. she already knits for hospitals here but i would like to connect with a friend of a friend who is a doctor in Gisborne. I don’t want to patronise mothers and I thought she could give out knitting to those who would like/need it.

While I was in Spotlight Wairau Road the other day I was talking to the lovely MaryLyn and she went to talk to her equally nice boss, Adam and promptly came back with some free wool for me.


I couldn’t resist and started knitting a singlet today.


Such a great, simple pattern. You simply knit up one side and down the other.

As usual when i am at home, my mind turns to food…

I made breakfast bars, chia seed pudding (or breakfast) and a homemade creation melding together a couple of salad recipes.

chia seed pudding and tamarillos- not so keen on the texture but if you like sago and tapioca etc. you probably would like it.
The breakfast bars are moreish but have a lot of honey in them.
Home made recipe for a spicy chickpea salad.
Deb enjoying a breakfast bar…in the afternoon.


While I am sneezing and not enjoying that part of spring, who can resist sights like these:


Went to a silly film yesterday. The new Woody Allen Magic in the Moonlight

I felt like I was watching a frothy stage play. Still if you like gorgeous old Colin Firth you might like it.

I’m going to work on some Christmas tiles. Have a good week FG.

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